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 Wine Depot Coy – ‘Extraordinary Wine, Beer and Spirits.’

Hello, and welcome to our passion! We are a family owned-and-operated business based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Many of our weekends are spent exploring the surrounding vineyards, sampling its boutique wines to ensure only the finest vintages are chosen for delivery to your front door.

Our online store was born through our experience working in the wine and beverage retail space, combined with other online ventures. Most recently, our daily hands-on involvement and financial management of a large commercial winery operation has given us the nous needed to create Wine Depot Coy in its present state. With exceptional insight into the end-to-end manufacturing of wine and its derivatives and costs, our experience enables us to source product at low prices and pass the incredible savings on to our customers.

Our wines, beers and spirits are sourced from various regions of Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and our expert team of tasters sample each product before making it into our beverage portfolio. We even offer a unique Wine Depot Coy rating to make your selection process quick and easy.

Our aim is to provide a range of alcoholic beverages with exceptional value, great taste and awesome service.  In particular our range of beverages are priced from those to be enjoyed daily or every other day to others you can share proudly on that special occasion. We are committed to offering our customers great tasting wines and beverages at exceptional value. 

Wine Depot Coy -  Extraordinary Wine, Beer and Spirits.



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